Oh, Happy Day!

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My little “happy” for my Busy Bee friends is a glimpse of spring courtesy of the 2012 Tour of Homes that just happend last Thursday through Sunday in various private homes & gardens in the Landmark, Victorian, & Ardsley Park Historic Districts.

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For those of you who did not make it, the 2013 Tour will be March 21-24th 2013! Make sure to check back with Busy Bee for ticket giveaways!

It’s Hip To Be Square: Here’s Johnny!

Things to see in Savannah, busybeevacations.com

The water feature in Ellis Square.

The squares located throughout Savannah’s historic district are always a hive of activity.  They’re a major point of interest for Busy Bees and Ellis Square is a wonderful place to enjoy the romantic nectar of the Hostess City!

Ellis Square is located on Barnard between Bryan and Congress Streets. It was named after Henry Ellis, second Royal Governor of the Georgia colony. It was also known as Marketplace Square, as from the 1730s through the 1950s it served as a center of commerce and was home to four successive market houses.  At one time Ellis Square was in danger of being lost to commercial development, but anger over the demolition of the market house helped spur the historic preservation movement in Savannah.  In 2004, the city began plans to restore Ellis Square and in 2006,  a new public park debuted with open spaces for public concerts, as well as an underground parking garage. The underground facility was completed and formally dedicated in January 2009. This encouraged the restoration of adjacent properties to complete the Ellis Square project.   The restoration of the square itself, begun in the spring of 2008, was completed in February 2010. Ellis Square officially reopened at a dedication ceremony held on March 11, 2010.  A bronze statue of songwriter-lyricist Johnny Mercer, Continue Reading »

37th & Abercorn Antiques & Design


In honor of it being March 7 (3/7), I thought it would be a fun idea to showcase 37th & Abercorn Antiques & Design located (you guessed it) at the corner of 37th & Abercorn in Historic Savannah, Georgia.

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Shop Savannah - you'll find things you never knew you needed at 37th & Abercorn Antiques & Design!

The cottage to the left (above in the photo) is particularly adorable and currently houses J’ai La Peche, a particularly clever shop of antiques and repurposed items.

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Inside 37th AAD, you’ll find everything from antique brooches your grandmother would have worn to original artwork by Savannah artists like Hattie Saussey, and also gently used Louis Vuitton luggage & handbags!

Some of my friends over at Modcottage Designs recently started renting a booth at 37th — more to come on this team but here is a sneak peak:

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Sneak peak at Mod Cottage's booth at 37th & Abercorn Antiques & Design

More to come on Mod Cottage as Busy Bee is currently working with Vic & Lana to finish out a townhome in the Victorian District.

Whatever you are looking for (or even if you’re not), 37th & Abercorn Antiques & Design Center is the perfect place to pick up a little piece of Savannah that you can take home with you.

Thanks for buzzing by!

That’s So Savannah: Wormsloe

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Things to do in Savannah, busybeevacations.com

Spanish moss drapes the oaks that lead you into history.

Busy Bees know the secret to good living is to get out there and enjoy life, and a fresh air jog is so Savannah!

Wormsloe Historic Site

I’m a local and I like to park by the front gate.  After checking in, I run down the oak alley to the running and nature trails that border this state park. These paths are recent to the park and they’re really a nice change of pace for someone used to running on the streets around Downtown and Ardsley Park. I highly recommend you get out from behind your desk or wherever you spend your time indoors, put on your running shoes and take a jog.  It’s one of the best ways to make sure you take care of yourself so you can keep buzzing around!

The ruins of Wormsloe Continue Reading »

It’s Hip To Be Square And In The Wright

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Things to do in Savannah, busybeevacations.com

Enjoy the beauty of Wright Square

It’s Leap Day, Busy Bees, so get out there and make the day count!  Visit this second square established in Savannah and take a trip through our history.

Wright Square

Originally known as Percival Square, its namesake, Lord Percival is generally regarded as the man who gave the colony of Georgia its name.  It was renamed in 1763 to honor James Wright, the third, last and perhaps most notable of Georgia’s royal governors. Throughout its history it has also been known as Court House Square and Post Office Square.

The square is the burial site of Tomochichi, a leader of the Creek nation of Native Americans. Tomochichi was a trusted friend of James Oglethorpe and assisted him in the founding of his colony. When Tomochichi died in 1739, Oglethorpe ordered him buried with military honors in the center of Percival Square. In accordance with his people’s customs the grave was marked by a pyramid of stones gathered from the surrounding area. In 1883, citizens wishing to honor William Washington Gordon replaced Tomochichi’s monument with an elaborate monument to Gordon, making him the only native Savannahian Continue Reading »

Live Like A Local: Take A Colonial Stroll

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Things To Do In Savannah, busybeevacations.com

Colonial Park Cemetery

Busy Bees know one of the best things about Savannah is that no matter where you go in the hostess city you’ll enjoy the view!  One of my favorite routes is to stroll through the Colonial Park Cemetery, the oldest cemetery in Savannah.  With family plots dating back to the 1700’s, it’s a sightseeing treasure.

Being able to traverse from East Liberty to East Oglethorpe via Colonial Park Cemetery is something I try to do every time I walk in Savannah. I love visiting the tombs and reading the inscriptions.  It’s just so peaceful and a quiet reminder of the history that has transpired here in Savannah.

When it was first established, Colonial Park Cemetery was where most burials took place.  In time, it became overcrowded and after a period of neglect it was almost replaced.  Luckily, as a result of a lawsuit to condemn the cemetery, the judge ordered that it be converted into a park and the grave markers protected.  Markers placed by the Georgia Historical Commission stand beside a number of graves. These describe important events Continue Reading »