Namaste, Y’all!

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There is nothing quite as relaxing to me as being in a yoga studio, especially at the beginning of the New Year! I love attending Savannah Yoga Center classes – something about yoga helps to center, calm, and focus me in ways other exercise doesn’t.

Savannah Yoga Center has been a homebase for yogis and yoginis from all over the world who are travelling through the Hostess City. The studio is just south of Forsyth Park on Bull Street in between Anderson & Henry Streets. SYC has grown from one to two studios and now features over 8 certified teachers and over 45 classes per week. Classes range from “Mommy & Me” yoga with toddlers to traditional Hatha flow to Indian dance. There is truely something for everyone here.

SYC prices range from community yoga at $7 to normal classes for $14. Newcomers are welcome & the studio has mats you can borrow. SYC asks that if you are new to yoga to please come to the studio a few moments early so you can speak with your instructor and fill out paperwork.

Namaste, y’all!

My Favorite Pink Restaurant

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Olde Pink House is home to the Planter's Tavern

When you live in a town like Savannah, everyone wants to know where your favorite places are to eat.

Maybe because of sentimental reasons or maybe it is the BLT salad that gets me but the Planter’s Inn is by far my favorite place to go when I’m given the choice of going out for dinner.

The atmosphere at Planter’s is comfortable but not stuffy & more French wine cellar than fancy. Situated underneath the famous Olde Pink House Restaurant, Planter’s is like walking back in time.  Two fireplaces bookend the long room and a bar bisects the middle. Historic wood plank flooring and aged brick walls set the scene for memorable drinks & dinner.

Planter’s Tavern does not take reservations so unless you go early, expect to take a space at the bar  or by the piano and wait with a libation (the dirty martinis with bleu cheese stuffed olives normally get me started).  Nibble on a housemade cheese straw while you listen to the local piano players swoon Johnny Mercer’s Moon River and other standards.  If you are claustrophobic this is not the place for you.

Once you get your table, you are in store for a treat. The BLT salad, Fried Green Tomato appetizer, and Crispy Scored Flounder are my favorites. Their filet never disappoints and their scallops are superb.  I wouldn’t call the food fine-dining but more upscale comfort food. Prices are fair – its the wine and drinks that will get the bill up high quickly.

Planter’s is perfect for a date night or belly up to the bar and make new friends!

Gryphon Tea Room – a Savannah Charmer

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Tiffany stained glass adorns the ceiling

“Welcome to the Gryphon Tea Room. I’m Sarah, a photography major here at SCAD. What can I start you off with to drink?”  As I settled into my banquette seating, I was pleasantly reminded that the Grypon tea room is run by SCAD and employs students in this newly reworked space.

gryphon tea room, where to eat savannah

Quirky powder room

I breathed in the atmosphere: Tiffany stained glass & rich wallpaper above, full bookcases all around the dining room, & below, the funky leopard carpet lent a gentle edge.  Somehow I was immediately somewhere else – I had been whisked away to a New York City tea room in a fine department store in the 1920’s.

Old bookcases are full of treasure

The newly revamped Grypon Tea Room was once an apothecary – you are reminded of this with the backlit mortal & pestle stained glass windows that surround the space. More recently, the space was a bookstore – evidence of which the designer had fun with!

Lovely space - bad picture

I had been to the Gryphon years ago when it was a more sterile version of its now lush & layered self. The space was more modern & clean offering little more than its white tiled floors &  bright tangerine lacquered chairs as visual stimulation. Whoever completed the transformation, I’d love to give you a great big hug. Now can you come decorate my house?

I went to wash my hands and found this inside – witty & fun!

Quirky powder room

And the food! My homemade pimento cheese sandwich on lightly grilled thick and crusty bread was delicious and rich with bites of bacon and sautéed onion inside. My side of green goddess-kissed greens was perfectly dressed.

Homemade pimento cheese goodness

My dining partner enjoyed a green salad with local shrimp, bacon, and other goodies. Our service was fast and professional – a delight to have such a put together student as our server.

Green Goddess Goodness

To wrap up lunch, our server brought a little tray with two coconut macaroons & – wait for it – our bill was in a book. Stop it – too charming.

Our check came out...

I forgot to mention that the Gryphon actually does serve up varoius teas, including a High Tea. I will report back soon. View the menu HERE.

Best Shrimp Salad in Savannah – Hands Down!

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Yum – quick update from my outside table at Papa’s Bar-B-Que today on Wilmington Island. I was outside in a skirt and short-sleeved shirt in 75 degree weather on December 5!!!! If you were ever wondering about coming down for a weekend visit in December, what are you waiting for?!

Back to the shrimp salad. If you want to stop for a bite on the way to explore Tybee or Fort Pulaski, you MUST stop at Papa’s Bar-B-Que off Charlotte Rd. Papa’s has been around in a couple of different locations since 1972 and does not disappoint. Although their BBQ is fabulous, I always order the black bean soup (secret recipe!) and shrimp salad sandwich. If you are going with a friend, you can split the sandwich and each get a cup of soup as the sandwich is HUGE and satisfying!

Frank & Judy, the proprietors, have been running Papa’s as a family-friendly business since I can remember. The service is fast and friendly and the food is among the most consistent I’ve found anywhere in Savannah.  A definite must-try for your picnic at Tybee or Fort Pulaski!