Real Estate

Laurie d. decided to become a Realtor in 2004 after helping repeated friends find houses to renovate in Atlanta, Georgia.

She has used her background in historic preservation, planning, and renovation know-how to advise clients with real estate decisions and to do her own projects with historic homes.

Laurie worked with Atlanta-based developer, Novare Group, in 2004 to 2008 where she donned a hard hat working on pre-sales for high rise mixed-use developments. After getting stuck in a construction elevator one too many times, she decided her days working for a large developer in sales and marketing were numbered and moved to Savannah, Georgia to be near her family and the ocean.

Coincidentally, the housing bubble burst 6 months after she arrived in Savannah. Facing uncertainty, Laurie started working for another developer, K.Hovnanian, in the Pooler area. Her sales team was able to weather the storm by advising their client with new floor plans that met a first-time homebuyer target market.

Laurie further showcased her understanding of the market when she left K.Hovnanian to start a vacation property management company in 2011. Busy Bee Vacations served her clients who were unable to sell their homes due to lackluster sales. Her company offers services including booking reservations, marketing, staging, landscaping, and maintenance.  In 2013, Laurie started her own real estate firm, Laurie deVegter Real Estate.




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