Dining out with the Pups

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Vinnie Van Go Go Pizza

Casey, Sadie, Katherine, Tango, Laurie, & Tondee at Vinnie Van Go-Go’s Pizza

I’ve got to hand it to Savannah businesses and restaurants. They KNOW that fur babies are a huge part of our guests’ lives and cater to make even the dogs welcome!

Here’s a recent picture with my friends out at Vinnie Van Go-Go’s Pizza down in City Market. Vinnie’s team is always very friendly towards dogs and allows you to dine al fresco with your pooch. They will bring out water for your dogs as well!  Whether you decide to give Fido the crust off your slice is up to you!

Here’s a good tip for dog-owners: when in doubt, CALL! Most restaurants with outdoor seating will allow you to have your dog outside but some places have rules about sizes. Check out our other Fido-Friendly Savannah tips throughout the blog.

Casbah: Dine, Shop, Be Entertained


Come to the Casbah!  Dine, shop and be entertained!

Casbah: Dine, Shop and Be Entertained

Who knew one could find exotic and delicious Moroccan fare in Historic Savannah?  I do and I’m sharing it with you, too!  Imagine a great adventure that includes the entertainment of captivating belly dancers while relaxing into the opulence of an authentic ceremonial tent decor, then dining on deliciously prepared cuisine!

Casbah: Dine, Shop, Be Entertained Continue Reading »

Toucan Cafe:Dressed Up Food, Casual Vibe

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It’s going to be another fantastic Savannah weekend and I can’t wait to recommend Toucan Cafe to my guests!  Toucan Cafe is a cool and funky place where the food is all dressed up, but the vibe is all laid back and casual.  It’s “a little Caribbean, a little Greek Isles and a little whimsy.”

Toucan Cafe Dressed Up Food Casual Vibe

Whether you drop by for lunch or dinner, you’re in for a treat.  This time of year the patio is the place to be.  The sights and sounds of my Savannah bring out the best in the good-looking people that hang out Continue Reading »

Something To Talk About: Kayak Kafe

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There’s always something to bark about in Savannah and Kayak Kafe is a great dog friendly place to dine and watch the world go by!

Kayak Kafe is a locally owned casual café located in the heart of Savannah’s Historic District. They have a friendly staff and a great location close to some of our historic cottages and townhouses.  They’re a great choice for lunch or dinner, whether you are just strolling around the downtown scene, shopping, or if you just want to have some great food while you “people watch” from their outdoor tables. Continue Reading »

You Gonna Eat All That? More Alligator Soul

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places to eat in SavannahIf I’m anywhere near good food, you can just about be sure you’ll hear me ask, “You gonna eat all that?”  This is especially true if I see one of my guests enjoying a fabulous meal at a restaurant I recommended.  Well, what could be better than more Alligator Soul?

Paul, a recent guest, asked for my recommendations, so I gave him my list of “must-eats”.  Paul shared,  “Alligator Soul was fantastic. They treat you like friends and served us one of the best meals in Savannah. The waiter even gave us coffee beans for our breakfast.”

Now, most of the time I tell folks to opt for the Chef’s Tasting Menu.  The Chef’s Tasting Continue Reading »

You Gonna Eat All That? Truffle Dinner at 700 Drayton Restaurant

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I raved about the Inaugural Winemaker’s Dinner at 700 Drayton before but last month’s Truffle Dinner absolutely took, well, the truffle!

Chef Lenny hinted to my cooking glass that there would be a supper dedicated to the truffle so I paid close attention to the restaurant’s facebook page and signed up for the sell out event.

As evidenced from the above photos, the event was a decadent treat. Even my beau, a non-mushroom, onion, or pepper kinda guy, raved about the fare.

Here’s hoping for more creative fare from Chef Lenny and the gang at 700 Drayton!