Bon Appetit, ya’ll!

A quick list of my personal favorite places to eat in Downtown:


Planter’s Tavern at the Olde Pink House

Crystal Beer Parlor – an institution

Elizabeth’s on 37th – the best service in town – classic Southern dining


Mrs. Wilkes Boarding House – get there early and bring a book while you wait in line

Papilliote – French and Fast

The Gryphon Tea Room – Grilled Pimento Cheese sandwich with bacon is tops


B. Matthews – solid Southern fare on Bay Street

Firefly Cafe – On Troup Square – yummy hashbrowns

Clary’s – greasy spoon that has pet-friendly outdoor dining (they bring loads of treats!)

I post a lot of my reviews on Tripadvisor. If you like, you can see my reviews here.

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