Thunderbolt Cottage is Under Construction

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Cottage #2 is underway in lovely Thunderbolt, Georgia!

Grading and silt fence are up in Thunderbolt

Grading and silt fence are up in Thunderbolt!

Besides having the coolest name of all time for a town, Thunderbolt offers an amazing location for those who like easy access to downtown (its 4 miles, Tondee and I have run it) and to Tybee (14 miles).  Not only that, but you don’t hear ANYTHING except crickets and birds at night — a little bit of Mayberry right here in the Savannah area.

View of the ICW from the Thunderbolt public pier

View of the ICW from the Thunderbolt public pier

Thunderbolt is smack dab on the Wilmington River (the ICW) and still has a few shrimp boats left that call the “Tbolt” home.  There is a great little park right across from Town Hall where I walk Tondee most days.

Bahia Bleu Marina is a stone’s throw away as well — with dry docking fees around $250/month for a 17′ McKee Craft (not that I’ve done the research or anything!). If you like to kayak or SUP, there’s a boat ramp on the other side of Highway 80, next to Desposito’s Seafood. Easy, easy, EASY living. And property taxes are much less than if you are in the City of Savannah.

Thunderbolt Coastal Cottage Charm

Thunderbolt Coastal Cottage Charm

As I’ve mentioned before, as a single gal with an active pup, I’m only willing to build my cottages in finishes I’d choose for myself in areas I feel comfortable with. This cottage I’m building happens to be about a tenth of a mile from where I live currently. I’m so pleased to be building a home that fits into the coastal cottage style — I hope the home will help contribute to the community of Thunderbolt and bring in some good new residents with energy to get involved!

Thunderbolt cottage being built

Thunderbolt cottage being built

I am changing things up and working with Van Tyson on this home. The finish levels will be comparable to the Isle of Hope home that closed this past February. Asking price is $235,000. Weather permitting, we should be complete around mid September 2015 and able to close by the end of September.

For more information on this home or other properties, feel free to call. I can be reached at 912.220.0957.

Cheers! LdV

Its so hard to say goodbye….

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We never even got to start a life together. It just ended before it began (sigh…..)….

Here’s a look at how beautiful you are both on the inside and out…..

Again, many props to Lynn Rahn at Clutter Savannah, my zero-scaping landscape heroes, Bob and Joe Moore, and the awesome support my friends and family have given me. I’ve really enjoyed this process and will start another new home build behind my house in Thunderbolt starting in March.

After that, I will be building to the left of this cottage (perhaps this plan or maybe this little jewel) once title work is all cleared. The right side of this little jewel is the site of my new home which will be small with raised terrace, wood burning fireplace and screen porch that connects to the master and living room. I can not wait!

Home again – final touches at Isle of Hope

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Home again from a whirlwind trip to Kauai, Maui, then Vail (haters gonna hate, hate, hate hate, hate)…..and found the house looking SO amazing upon return.

We have a driveway, walkway, and front parking!

Happy New Year, Cottage!

Happy New Year, Cottage!


But I’m most excited because somehow the hardwoods found a way to get nailed down after three epic fails by three different installers (Jeff was not having it).

Jeff had to go through a few installers but we got the job done!

Jeff had to go through a few installers but we got the job done!

hardwood floor bargains savannah

Love the way they turned out


For more information about this home, please call Laure deVegter, Owner/Broker at Laurie deVegter Real Estate (DBA Busy Bee Savannah): 912.220.0957 or

Thank you for following my adventure!

Staging Time – Clutter to the Rescue!

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Staging time, time to open up your doors and throw your listing sign up in the yard….(my apologies to Semisonic)…

Time to call Lynn Rahn at Clutter Savannah!

Anyone who knows the fabulous Lynn, knows she is a true talent (see the before and after of my Thunderbolt house HERE).

The lady got it goin’ on!

We are going to do a bohemian-themed style for the Isle of Hope Cottage — Lynn selected some great pieces that will work together to bring about that boho feeling I want to convey.

You can see all the pieces we are working with from my house HERE!

See you at the Open House!

Not Too Tiny House — The Whidbey by Tumbleweed

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I am obsessed with this house by Tumbleweed Houses!

Tumbleweed's Whidbey Floor Plan - photo credits to At Home Arkansas

Tumbleweed’s Whidbey Floor Plan – photo credits to At Home Arkansas

The two bedroom version of the Whidbey is just under 600 sf with additional sf in the loft space. I love the open concept, the fireplace, all white interior with black windows, and the flexibility of the plan (the front bedroom could have a rolling door for privacy but be removed for entertaining purposes).

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This house was built by a cute gal in Arkansas named Lyndsey Lewis.  Read more about her, the homes she is building, and her fun life on her blog, Little House in Little Rock.

Another site, Berkshire Small House, features a larger Whidbey in Massachusetts.  The entire home lives just under 1000 sf and takes advantage of a truly stunning piece of property on the river.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It is a pure delight to view online (all photo credits go to David Fell Photography).

Tumbleweed Tiny House Company is known for its TINY houses on trailers. However, I really like their small home plans — especially for second home options for the beach or the mountains.

I’m considering a visit to see Lyndsey — just dying to actually WALK the home, you know?

What do you think about the Whidbey? Too small? Or just right?


Progress in December – Isle of Hope Cottage is Moving Along!

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Paint, Granite, Hearth, and Trim…Hearth and Trim….

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Its all happening!

This is becoming fun — the details are coming together and the house is taking shape during weeks 14 and 15.

isle of hope

Jeff shows me what the door surround will appear like.

Jeff has been working to make sure all the details are aligned with the home’s character. This means real wood door and window surrounds with appropriate overhang and ensuring the scale of the hearth is in keeping with the room (I didn’t want to overwhelm the space with it being too high). The selection of the bricks was easy but the color of the mortar? What the? That’s when I could not make up my mind!

Here are some shots from the process:

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The cabinets have been installed and its making me feel better seeing all this happen since I’m heading out of town for the New Year and want to get the home listed as soon as I return.