Dining out with the Pups

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Vinnie Van Go Go Pizza

Casey, Sadie, Katherine, Tango, Laurie, & Tondee at Vinnie Van Go-Go’s Pizza

I’ve got to hand it to Savannah businesses and restaurants. They KNOW that fur babies are a huge part of our guests’ lives and cater to make even the dogs welcome!

Here’s a recent picture with my friends out at Vinnie Van Go-Go’s Pizza down in City Market. Vinnie’s team is always very friendly towards dogs and allows you to dine al fresco with your pooch. They will bring out water for your dogs as well!  Whether you decide to give Fido the crust off your slice is up to you!

Here’s a good tip for dog-owners: when in doubt, CALL! Most restaurants with outdoor seating will allow you to have your dog outside but some places have rules about sizes. Check out our other Fido-Friendly Savannah tips throughout the blog.

A Busy Bee’s Summer Bucket List

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25 Ideas for Your Savannah Stay

I’ve been wanting to explore the many places that surround Savannah as well as take advantage of the experiences that can be only found in our lowcountry environment.  My friend, Molly’s son, Cal (5), gave me the brilliant idea to do a Summer Bucket List so that I will never have to say “I wish I’d done that – I’ve always wanted to.”  Cal, by the way, knocked off a couple of items on his bucket list while he was down visiting at Tybee Island. He rode in a golf cart and went on the Tybee Pier which were both on his bucket list for summer.

What a little inspiration he was to me!

I got out my pen and paper and started jotting down what I want to do this summer.

Without further ado, I give you the 2013 Busy Bee Summer Bucket List:

1. Mud Run with friends

2. Read “Savannah in the Time of Peter Tondee”

3. See a movie at the Lucas and then get Leopold’s Ice Cream after

4. Learn a History Lesson at a Georgia State Park

5. Bingo at the Tybee Island Legion

6. SCAD Museum

7. Take a Trolley Tour

8. Explore Darien, Georgia

9. Take  Ocean Highway (GA 17) fom Darien to Brunswick, Georgia

10. Watch a sunrise at Tybee

11. Camp at Little Tybee

12. Kayak under a full moon

13. Watch a turtle hatch

14. Go to Marshside Mamas on Daufuskie

15. Catch a big fish!

16. Go to a music festival like the Summer Solstice Festival

17. At LEAST one Floatilla

18. Watch the fireworks on the 4th of July

19. Stand Up Paddle Board in the waves at Tybee

20. Concoct a signature libation

21. Go to a Sand Gnats game

22. Do the Midnight Garden Ride (again) with the Savannah Bicycle Campaign

23. Cabaret at the Lucas

24. Big day on Wassau Island

25. Explore Cumberland Island

This is what I have so far!

Please feel free to comment and let me know what I may be missing out on. I’d love to hear your ideas and suggestions to further enhance my summer.

Best, Laurie d.