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thunderbolt cottage

Latest Pictures

IMG_0700 IMG_0701 IMG_0704 IMG_0705 IMG_0706 IMG_0707 IMG_0708 IMG_0709 IMG_0710 IMG_0711 IMG_0712 IMG_0713I can not believe what is happening in Thunderbolt! 4 other cottages are under construction within .25 mile of my cottage and I’ve noticed that 2 other homes are undergoing some major renovation. Its like Thunderbolt has taken a double espresso straight to the vein!

My little cottage  just got its CO on November 6th. To check out the final photos, you can browse them HERE.

Since I’ve put my old house on a monthly rental, I’ve realized that I was right about Thunderbolt’s location- people dig the vibe!!!  Some of my guests include a great couple from DC that came to Savannah to adopt a newborn – they chose MY HOUSE and said that they will never forget staying there and mentioned how much the space meant to them —  how can I even top that?!?

I’ve moved in temporarily to the new cottage so I can test out the plan – so far Tondee and I like it! Its open yet cozy, there’s enough storage for all my 47 coats and 65 pairs of shoes (kidding, not kidding), and the yard is so big its making me consider adding a two car garage with a garage apartment above. SERIOUSLY. LOVE.  Oh, and there’s a fireplace – so I’m in heaven and have not burnt myself up yet…

I always said that this building adventure would be about me committing to an area. I would only build in an area if I was a believer in it. And Thunderbolt IS THAT AREA. Its become what I knew it could!

With a very full heart, Happy Thanksgiving from the TBOLT!


Rock and Roll…Hoochie Koo!

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The summer is quickly winding down as the trimming out of our Thunderbolt Cottage amps up! As Rick Derringer sang, “Lordy Mama, this cottage lights my fuse….” or something like that…

Van and his colleagues are quickly finishing up the trim work for the cottage — the home is starting to shape up with trim on windows and floorboards near completion, flooring starting next week, and hearth being finished.

Cottage as of September 4th

This is the part of the process where I just have to RELAX. All the details have been selected. The tile looks SO GREAT.

Love this combo! Round on shower floor. Gray subway frames it out. White subway on walls.

Love this combo! Round on shower floor. Gray subway frames it out. White subway on walls.

Its time to just LET IT GO and trust that Van and his team will do their best. And LEAVE TOWN (I can visualize Van nodding, chewing gum, arms crossed)….so I stop driving him crazy!

Hearth sep 4

SAV gray-inspired brick on the hearth

Here are all the photos I’ve taken so far of the cottage with my Android.

The lockbox is on the door so if you’d like to see what we are up to, just call me: 912.220.0957. If I’m not around, I’ll connect you with the code and a member of the team.

With a very happy heart, I’ll see you in October! You can find me at The Drouthy Bear until then!


Thunderbolt Cottage is Under Construction

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Cottage #2 is underway in lovely Thunderbolt, Georgia!

Grading and silt fence are up in Thunderbolt

Grading and silt fence are up in Thunderbolt!

Besides having the coolest name of all time for a town, Thunderbolt offers an amazing location for those who like easy access to downtown (its 4 miles, Tondee and I have run it) and to Tybee (14 miles).  Not only that, but you don’t hear ANYTHING except crickets and birds at night — a little bit of Mayberry right here in the Savannah area.

View of the ICW from the Thunderbolt public pier

View of the ICW from the Thunderbolt public pier

Thunderbolt is smack dab on the Wilmington River (the ICW) and still has a few shrimp boats left that call the “Tbolt” home.  There is a great little park right across from Town Hall where I walk Tondee most days.

Bahia Bleu Marina is a stone’s throw away as well — with dry docking fees around $250/month for a 17′ McKee Craft (not that I’ve done the research or anything!). If you like to kayak or SUP, there’s a boat ramp on the other side of Highway 80, next to Desposito’s Seafood. Easy, easy, EASY living. And property taxes are much less than if you are in the City of Savannah.

Thunderbolt Coastal Cottage Charm

Thunderbolt Coastal Cottage Charm

As I’ve mentioned before, as a single gal with an active pup, I’m only willing to build my cottages in finishes I’d choose for myself in areas I feel comfortable with. This cottage I’m building happens to be about a tenth of a mile from where I live currently. I’m so pleased to be building a home that fits into the coastal cottage style — I hope the home will help contribute to the community of Thunderbolt and bring in some good new residents with energy to get involved!

Thunderbolt cottage being built

Thunderbolt cottage being built

I am changing things up and working with Van Tyson on this home. The finish levels will be comparable to the Isle of Hope home that closed this past February. Asking price is $235,000. Weather permitting, we should be complete around mid September 2015 and able to close by the end of September.

For more information on this home or other properties, feel free to call. I can be reached at 912.220.0957.

Cheers! LdV

Not Too Tiny House — The Whidbey by Tumbleweed

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I am obsessed with this house by Tumbleweed Houses!

Tumbleweed's Whidbey Floor Plan - photo credits to At Home Arkansas

Tumbleweed’s Whidbey Floor Plan – photo credits to At Home Arkansas

The two bedroom version of the Whidbey is just under 600 sf with additional sf in the loft space. I love the open concept, the fireplace, all white interior with black windows, and the flexibility of the plan (the front bedroom could have a rolling door for privacy but be removed for entertaining purposes).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This house was built by a cute gal in Arkansas named Lyndsey Lewis.  Read more about her, the homes she is building, and her fun life on her blog, Little House in Little Rock.

Another site, Berkshire Small House, features a larger Whidbey in Massachusetts.  The entire home lives just under 1000 sf and takes advantage of a truly stunning piece of property on the river.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It is a pure delight to view online (all photo credits go to David Fell Photography).

Tumbleweed Tiny House Company is known for its TINY houses on trailers. However, I really like their small home plans — especially for second home options for the beach or the mountains.

I’m considering a visit to see Lyndsey — just dying to actually WALK the home, you know?

What do you think about the Whidbey? Too small? Or just right?


Progress in December – Isle of Hope Cottage is Moving Along!

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Isle of Hope Cottage Construction: Week 2

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Floor samples, cast iron tubs, and back hoes, Oh My!

photo 3Started pushing dirt this week–well, I didn’t but the guys did! Lot is looking good! Excited to see activity!

Started playing around with cabinet and floor colors. Found a claw foot tub that needs to be refinished.  Also fell in love with 6” Hickory hand-scraped flooring.

A girl can dream, right?