Gryphon Tea Room – a Savannah Charmer

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Tiffany stained glass adorns the ceiling

“Welcome to the Gryphon Tea Room. I’m Sarah, a photography major here at SCAD. What can I start you off with to drink?”  As I settled into my banquette seating, I was pleasantly reminded that the Grypon tea room is run by SCAD and employs students in this newly reworked space.

gryphon tea room, where to eat savannah

Quirky powder room

I breathed in the atmosphere: Tiffany stained glass & rich wallpaper above, full bookcases all around the dining room, & below, the funky leopard carpet lent a gentle edge.  Somehow I was immediately somewhere else – I had been whisked away to a New York City tea room in a fine department store in the 1920’s.

Old bookcases are full of treasure

The newly revamped Grypon Tea Room was once an apothecary – you are reminded of this with the backlit mortal & pestle stained glass windows that surround the space. More recently, the space was a bookstore – evidence of which the designer had fun with!

Lovely space - bad picture

I had been to the Gryphon years ago when it was a more sterile version of its now lush & layered self. The space was more modern & clean offering little more than its white tiled floors &  bright tangerine lacquered chairs as visual stimulation. Whoever completed the transformation, I’d love to give you a great big hug. Now can you come decorate my house?

I went to wash my hands and found this inside – witty & fun!

Quirky powder room

And the food! My homemade pimento cheese sandwich on lightly grilled thick and crusty bread was delicious and rich with bites of bacon and sautéed onion inside. My side of green goddess-kissed greens was perfectly dressed.

Homemade pimento cheese goodness

My dining partner enjoyed a green salad with local shrimp, bacon, and other goodies. Our service was fast and professional – a delight to have such a put together student as our server.

Green Goddess Goodness

To wrap up lunch, our server brought a little tray with two coconut macaroons & – wait for it – our bill was in a book. Stop it – too charming.

Our check came out...

I forgot to mention that the Gryphon actually does serve up varoius teas, including a High Tea. I will report back soon. View the menu HERE.